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Researchers from the National University of Singapore came across a colony while studying ant populations in the North of the country back in March 2016.Mark Wong and Gordon Yong from the university decided to collect the colony to find out more about them in the lab.They found that the ants were not aggressive, were mostly nocturnal and spent much of their time underground.The ants also refused any of the foods offered to them, so what they survive on in the wild remains a mystery.They did however find that the ants ate younger males when faced with a lack of food.Researchers from the National University of Singapore came across the colony while studying ant populations in the North of the Singapore back in March 2016.The ant species was first found in 2003, when entomologist Fernando Fernndez revealed that a single dead ant from Malaysia represented a new genus.The ant’s tiny mandibles reminded him of the stubby arms of Tyrannosaurus rex, and so it was named after the fearsome beast.Since them, a few other Tyrannomyrmex ants have been found in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and probably the Philippines but all of them have been found dead.Despite more than 20 years passing since the first example was found, very little is known about the ants.Mark Wong and Gordon Yong from the university decided to collect the colony to find out more about them in the lab.What they discovered goes some way to explain why they have remained so elusive.They found that the ants were not aggressive, were mostly nocturnal and spent much of their time underground.The ants also refused any of the foods offered to them, so what they survive on in the wild remains a mystery.They did however find that the a younger males when faced with a lack of food.The genus of ant was first discovered in Malaysia in 1994 and was named after the fearsome king of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex (pictured). But researchers have found the ants are unlike their namesake in every way, except their ability to turn to cannibalism (stock image)They were found to curl up and remain motionless when presented with a threat.They only time they displayed any aggression, was when a millipede entered the nest.The creature crawled over a number of curled up worker ants, before one plucky individual stung the millipede, forcing it to retreat.According to National Geographic, there remain many questions about this bizarre ant.For instance, thhey lack working metapleural glands, organs that createantiseptic compounds key to ants’ personal hygiene.The colony also cannibalized its lone male, an unusual behaviour for ants.The researchers now hope to study the creatures in more detail.Most watched News videos Tear jerker John Lewis Christmas advert starring monster Moz Hackney bus crashes into multiple cars and cheap nfl jerseys pushes them down street Hammer wielding thief chased off by heroic customers Louisiana convenience store owner shoots attempted robbers Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka on night of alleged sexual assault BBC Breakfast viewers shocked as noises interrupt live Corey Haim mom insists Charlie Sheen did NOT rape her son Susanna Reid enters the bedroom of murdered teen Becky Watts Don mess with the mafia! Boss brother breaks journalist nose Sammy Sosa seen at the Blacks Annual Gala at Miami in 2013 Feeling crabby! Huge coconut crab viciously pins Cheap Women NFL Jerseys bird to ground Chilling CCTV shows man stalking woman in broad daylight’It Cheap Jerseys wasn’t him it was someone else’: Corey Haim’s mom.The centers for small business development training NJ have gained a lot of popularity for their utility among the numerous startups in various sectors, leading to an enhanced scope of successful entrepreneurship in these areas. With his vast experience, He is helping others to get noticed in the business industry..The plants will also use a lot more water when they are bearing fruit. Using a self watering container will help you determine what is best for your particular plant.. Antique Persian rugs have distinctive patterns and pleasant colors. 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It is not only ignorant, intolerable, it is disgusting.The puja room should be crafted in north east corner of the building while the kitchen should be established in the south east corner of the building. The middle of the home is called Brahmasthan which should be completely free from any sorts of burden.Life brings along moments of joy, sorrow, togetherness and solitude. This is as true for individuals as it is for business enterprises. The six minute film sequence begins with Anna entering a beautiful ballroom with a ceiling that opens to show a fireworks display and ends in Anna’s chambers, where she has a chilling conversation with her husband Karenin. This theatrical take on Leo Tolstoy’s realist novel is sure to draw some skeptics, but with Wright at the helm and playwright Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) behind the script the movie is pure Oscar bait..They are known for being excellent value and are found in most parts of France. It is also possible to find a gite that is suitable for every kind of holiday maker, from individuals to couples to families to groups and can be wholesale Vikings jersey women used all year round. Teachers need a lot of help. Said while taking considerations of race and gender into account, it was also necessary to see the class dimension of inclusivity: our society has class barriers, which determine our access to education, health, mobility and media.Bongani Nqwababa, joint president and chief executive of Sasol said in the current South African political climate, it was necessary for organisations and individuals to take charge of transformation: of always waiting to be led, there comes a time when you must lead.

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  The product was as described. My father just did not like them because they were different from what he usually wears and were longer than usual. I think this was him being diffficult. The product I think for anyone else would have worked out fine.

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  Helmet fit fine for an 8 year old with a big head. The set would probably be fine for up to a 10 year old. Helmet is obviously not real, but it’s made of a decent plastic. The graphics on the helmet are stickers, and I don’t expect they would last long.

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