Fiji Waka kava 1lb

Fiji Waka kava is world renowned
to be a powerful kava.
Our Waka kava has a great tired-
muscle ease and stress-relief effect
due to it’s higher DHM content which
will take about an hour to reach full
potential and will last at least 6-8
(or more) hours. It’s wonderful
effects will also be somewhat
cerebral as well.
Overall it is a fresh, well-rounded
kava that is very smooth and fit for
a King or Queen

Tongan Pride kava 1lb

Our Tongan Pride kava is said to be
as strong as a Tongan Warrior! This
A+ grade kava has a balanced
Kavain content and more Methysticin
than DHM, giving it a full-bodied effect
that is uplifting but also long lasting and
relaxing with no heaviness or nausea.
Sweet tasting with a spicy kickback,
this is a beautiful & tasty kava example
that is perfect for stress relief, social
situations and everyday enjoyment.

V3 Premium kava lb

Our V3 Premium kava is a very
exceptional offering and has a very
nice Kavain content making it a popular

It is an absolutely wonderful kava
that is very smooth and easy to drink,
with a clean, instant cerebral action that
is uplifting and not too heavy in the body.

Vanuatu Isa/Tudei specialty kava 1lb

Our Isa/Tudei kava is considered a
specialty kava not only because of it’s
limited availability, but also it’s extremely
high DHM content. This makes it very
strong in the body arena, especially
good for relaxing muscles and relieving
physical and mental stress, but not for
everyone. Isa/Tudei is speculated to be
piper wichmanii” one of the original
wild strains from Papua, New Guinea
and Vanuatu.
*Not recommended for those new to
kava due to extreme potency. Do not
take in large doses, effects take about
one hour to reach full potential and
can last for many hours.